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Service Providers
Best Practice Agreement

Last updated:8/1/2022


Please note that this “Agreement” interchangeably to mean this document together with our:

Tribe Member Terms of Service,

Tribe Host & Service Providers Terms of Service,

Tribe Host Best Practice Agreement

Event Collaboration Agreement

Your use of the Platform as a Service Provider signifies that you agree to this Agreement.


Our Sacred Community via our Platform enables you and other members to participate in Our Sacred Community, to arrange both online & offline, real-world Sacred Community Tribe groups and Sacred Community Tribe events.

It is agreed that the followings terms “OSC” “SFT,” “SFC,” OSFC“ we,” “us,” “our” Our Sacred Community, Sacred Feminine Tribes, Sacred Feminine Touch, Sacred Feminine Community, Our Sacred Feminine Community, Braley Mitchel Pty Ltd our corporate parent, Tribe Host, Service Providers, affiliates, and or subsidiaries. all used to represent Our Sacred Community & OSC throughout these Terms of Service.

It is agreed that we use the terms “you” and “your” to mean any person using our Platform for whatever reason, and any organization or person using the Platform on an organization’s behalf.

It is agreed that we use the word “Platform” to mean any website, application, or service offered by Our Sacred Community, including content we offer and electronic communications we send. 

It is agreed that we provide our Platform to you subject to these Terms of Service and that your use of the Platform signifies that you agree to this Agreement.


It is understood that the aim of Our Sacred Community Service Providers Best Practice Agreement is created on the basis that OSC and the Service Provider wish to help each other’s business to succeed.

OSC will promote our Service Providers businesses to the best of our ability on our platform and we expect the same commitment from our Service Providers. If failure to support each other’s growth should occur then this part of the agreement shall be null and void.

So as to support each other’s growth we require the following agreements.

1. What We Agree To:

1.1 We will promote your Services and Events on our OSC Platform to the best of our ability including our Websites, Social Media Pages & Groups, Meetup Group, Other Websites & Newsletters as detailed in the relevant Service Provider Subscription Plan. 

1.2 It is agreed that OSC will provide the Service Provider with monthly reports detailing the provided promotion.

1.3 With regards to Events only, Our Sacred Community® will create the Facebook Event Page and make you a co-host.

Social Media Paid Advertising  

1.4 As part of our efforts to promote your Services and Events, we can conduct paid Facebook & Instagram advertising to the target market and area at your cost. Budget limits will be discussed before any advertising begins if you wish to use this service. 

Our Membership Base 

1.5 As a Service Provider, you have ongoing access to all of our OSC members and clients that our OSC members may introduce to you. Our community membership is continually growing every single day and by joining with us, so is your reach.


Ticket Sales for Events

1.6   At OSC we use our own ticketing system for all events.  

· By using our system, you will receive a progress report for paid ticket sales when they occur, showing who purchased the ticket and what tickets have been sold & the number of people attending the event at that time. 

For free Community Events that require registration, no progress reports will be given until the day of the event unless arranged with OSC.

· Once the event has been completed, we will send you an event statement. All monies owing will be deposited directly into your bank account within 48 business hours of receiving an invoice from you. 

· Any email addresses collected from ticket sales for your event will be supplied to you within 48hrs of the event finishing.  This will give you the opportunity to grow your database, and continue marketing to event attendees.

2. What You Agree To:

2.1 Only OSC Members who are accepted as Service Providers are eligible to promote, advertise and sell their Events, Services, Classes, Courses or Product sales on the OSC Platform. (This does not include the Facebook Community Group)

2.2 It is agreed that if you decide to cancel your Service Provider Subscription, you will no longer be eligible to promote your Services, Classes, Courses or Events in the Facebook Community Groups.

2.3 As a Service Provider we encourage you to promote your Events, Services, Classes, Courses or Product sales through many other platforms besides the OSC Platform so as to build and develop your own business. However, if we find that you are promoting your Services on other platforms at a price less than what is on the OSC Platform, you agree that we have the right to either match the price or stop the promotion of your Services including in the Facebook Community Group. 

2.4 It is agreed that you will comply with our Service Provider Best Practices Agreement when using the OSC Platform and in dealing with Our Sacred Community Members.

2.5 It is agreed that as much as the name Service Provider Program suggests we are partners in this endeavour of supporting each other’s business to grow and prosper, OSC and yourself make no claim of ownership of the others business. 


2.6 It is agreed that OSC will fulfil its part of this agreement by giving you ongoing access to our growing membership and promoting and supporting your business in many different ways as listed above in “What We Agree To Do.”

2.7 It is agreed that OSC will receive a 50% Service Fee of the sale of the first ticket received on any Events. 

2.8 It is agreed that as much as offering a 10% discount to all OSC members is a powerful way to generate extra business, the offering or not of a 10% discount to all members will be left up to the discretion of each Service Provider. 


2.9 If for any reason an Events, Services, Classes, Courses or Product sales that was paid for on the OSC platform, needs to be refunded, OSC will refund the full amount paid less the 10% Service Fee to the customer (This remuneration fee covers your use of our platform to promote, advertise and collect ticket sales for events and or service fees paid on your behalf.)


3 Cross Promoting 

3.1 It is agreed that we will advertise & promote your business on our website & Social Media as a Service Provider and we ask you to promote OSC on your platforms also. 

3.3 It is agreed that you will promote OSC at all events when they occur, that have been promoted on our platform.

4 Webinar Hosting 

Our Sacred Feminine Community® has access to two professional zoom accounts and will make them available for your use at no charge. You will be nominated as co-host at the beginning of the webinar. Someone too moderate the event will also be available if required. 


Links To Other Websites

Our Service may contain links to third-party web sites or services that are not owned or controlled by Sacred Feminine Touch®.


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