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Wella Zina

About Wella

I grew up in the Philippines, then migrated and joined the U.S. Navy when I was 20. I’ve been married, divorce and now happily married to my life partner.

Back then, I was chastised for my decision to divorce because it was not accepted in the Filipino culture. Which means I didn’t have the best family support but I had my friends and my sister who understood and accepted my decision which was enough.

I learned a lot about myself then and also the people who had my back no matter what. Most of all, I learned to listen to my own intuition and not look for approval outside of myself, and to always live true to myself.


I love to write, and currently, I have a lifestyle blog, where I write about my life as a working nurse mom, and I also share tips on self-care, living well, being authentic, and pursuing a simple life full of wellness and gratitude. I always dreamed of bringing light to women by sharing their stories.

I believe stories help us precisely when we need to hear them.


🌟 Registered Nurse
🌟 Masters in Nursing from Chamberlain University
🌟 Certified Health and Life Coach from Health Coach Institute


No testimonials at this time, but was featured in Inspiring Lives Magazine