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Toni-Lee Challice

Services Offered

Anchoring Heart Meditation


About Toni-Lee

Me.. 2019 I had Breast Cancer & Dec 2021 it returned. Which has brought about my decision to pause my business life & work on me. I now look at life, people & nature differently. I am a very happy, positive, caring earthy soul & I fully trust my intuition. I don’t like nor allow myself to be rushed or pressured into what I don’t believe in, anymore.

I take the time to listen, feel, be present & aware of all living things. I am a Yoga teacher & am studying Life Coaching . I really enjoy the great outdoors, my favourite thing is camping out in nature, especially near the ocean. Love connecting with Mother Earth. Enjoy cooking , a good book and never stop learning. I love to have fun, dance, music, yoga & more.


My passion is to share with others to help them on their healing journey. Why I am doing what I do – because it makes me feel good. By sharing my energy & wisdom hopefully I can lift someones spirit or open their hearts to “Feel Good Within” I am on a spiritual healing journey and would like to share with whoever would like to join me xxx


Yoga Teacher 350 hr Diploma , Wisdom gained over 61 years through lessons in life… Brave & Strong…


I had a Stroke in 2017 causing me to be unbalanced, cognitive function and unable to travel. I joined Toni in Yoga In Your Space about 12 months ago and haven’t looked back only going forward Thank You! Toni has been very helpful and understanding with my needs. Toni’s compassion in her love for Yoga shows in how she excels with her classes. Toni is very adaptable, since covid19 took over as Toni now prepares Yoga Zoom so we can still continue our passion and love of Yoga with Toni. Toni’s website Yoga In Your Space is very easy to use and is always up-to-date. Can’t wait to do Yoga in your NEW STUDIO when lockdown is over! Namaste’ Namaste’ Namaste’

Toni C Yoga in your Space is up there at the top of the list of things I have missed most during lock down. The benefits from each practice have been many many including a noticeable increase in core strength, deeper & more comfortable sleep & a noticeable increase in core strength, deeper & more comfortable sleep & a noticeable decrease in anxiety. Most importantly it’s a meeting of kind, like minded people & leaving each time with a beautiful feeling of serenity. Namaste & thank you Toni.



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