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Special Interest Host Platinum


Special Interest Host Platinum

Exciting Benefits Include:

Promote Your Services To Your Tribe Members;
Generate Extra Income From Visitors To Your Tribe Meetings;
Share Your Passion With The World;
Join Monthly Networking Meetings;
Channel your Interests or Hobby into Your Very Own Business;
Make Friends With Women From Across The Globe Who Have Similar Passions & Interest;
Build a World Wide Customer Base With Women Who Love What You Do;
Become a Leader in Your Field;
Be Involved In The Women’s Empowerment Program;
Your Picture On Tribe Host Page;
Be An Integral Part Of The Sacred Community Family;
Opportunities To Join Regular Tribe Host’s Online Connections;
Touch the Lives of people Everywhere;
Connect, Belong, Have Fun

SALE – 33% OFF

$ 35.00

  • USD: $22.39
  • CAD: $30.49
  • GBP: £19.47
  • EUR: €22.64
  • INR: ₹1,855.46
  • CNY: ¥163.67
/ month with a 21-day free trial and a $ 1.00 sign-up fee