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Ruth Boydell

About Ruth

Ruth had been working in Adult Education for 30 years, until an extreme stress event, Transient Global Amnesia, hit her in February 2017.
It changed her life focus in helping her recognise herself as a mortal being.
She has since felt called to work in this end-of-life area to encourage death literacy and to support others.
She realised we humans are in transit, and it might just be a beautiful journey.

Ruth is curious and compassionate.
She has been trained as a pastoral care practitioner (non-religious).
Providing reassurance and guidance to those who seek it.
She has been singing with the Threshold Choir.
This beautiful singing from the heart to people at the end of life is a profound experience.
Singing gentle simple songs provides peace and tranquility for the anyone. It is amazing.


Ruth is passionate about connecting warmly with people.
She love to link people with their best services.
Ruth wishes to leave this world having helped it become a better place.


🌟 Adult Educator
🌟 Pastoral Care Practitioner
🌟 End of Life Doula
🌟 Yoga Teacher
🌟 Sailing Instructor