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Reshma Bhojwani

About Rashma

Reshma is a wholehearted entrepreneur and published author living in the US. She is originally from India and has lived in Iran, so she has been exposed to various cultures and life experiences. She loves to travel and visit different countries to explore new places, cultures, cuisines, traditions, and ways of living. The challenges that come along with a new business embarked her on her self-discovery journey, as the two go hand in hand.

Her awareness and understanding of how the inner world impacts the outer world have taken her life and business to a new level. Reshma had a colorful life since her father’s death when she was thirteen years old and raised by a single mom who did her best to put food on the table and give her two children the best education. She is ever so grateful for her mom’s sacrifices she has made over the years. She has survived two abusive marriages and is now happily divorced and living her dream life of running her own business as a Women’s Empowerment Guide helping other women create their paths to Flourish with Freedom.


Reshma’s passion and purpose were revealed to her after she received compliments about her vulnerability, courage, honesty, authenticity, and wisdom when several podcasters interviewed her after launching her book ‘Pandemic Budgeting & Finances’ and the positive comments she received on Facebook.

When Reshma became aware that these innate qualities were her superpowers and that other women struggled with them and stayed stuck in unhappy life situations, her calling became apparent. Now she has made it her mission to empower women by sharing her life stories so they can learn from her mistakes and experiences, suffer less, and live fulfilled lives.


Reshma has completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Computer Management in India and her MBA in the USA.


“I was at a point in my business and personal where I believed it would be beneficial to learn how to use/organize/budget my money. The biggest benefit I got out of the program was a mindset change, and the biggest shift I had was intentional spending and the belief that I could spend and save simultaneously. What I loved about Reshma’s teaching style is that there was no judgment and no guilt. She is truly there to help you understand and reach your goals. She offers you grace and support and doesn’t make you feel bad. She also incorporates fun, and I would recommend her to my friends and family as she has added value to my business and personal financial life!” – J.S. (Connecticut, USA)

“Up until working with Reshma, I’d been coasting by how I managed my business financially. I had a good start and was “making it work,” but deep down, I avoided the fact that I would need a real plan to keep growing. Then 2020 shook things up, and I had to get serious if I was going to make this work; that was the kick I needed to work with her. Her program gave me new insight into how my personal and business finances were connected. Personally, the biggest shift for me was the confidence to have an important money conversation with my husband that we needed to do for years. The outcome took so much stress off both of us, and I don’t think it would have happened if it wasn’t for her program. Professionally, the biggest shift has been taking control over what I do with my money—making smarter decisions about where I allocate funds in my business and using it as a tool instead of being overwhelmed by it all.” – K.M. (Connecticut, USA)

“I met Reshma online when I had just separated from my husband. We connected because we had similarities, and I thought this was a woman who could easily relate to me and offer me good advice. I had always wanted to learn more about managing my income or the money at hand but was very messy at doing so. I had many plans for the future but didn’t know how to plan for my expenses. I thought it was normal to go about it and spend as I needed to. After meeting Reshma, I realized the dire need to plan every expense as best I could. As I became more aware of my outputs, I could better make daily decisions on whether something was a need or a want. Hence, even when my income was cut down due to the pandemic, I could still save money. This made me happy and hopeful 🙂 Reshma is extremely patient and detailed. Working with her has given me the confidence to step by step work on being more aware of my finances, making better choices, and being in control of my life!” – S.D. (Jakarta, Indonesia)

“As a newly established business owner, I knew I needed to get my finances in order to be and stay in business. I liked Reshma’s easygoing personality and felt comfortable talking with her. I learned some money management basics, which has helped my confidence in managing my personal and business finances. Just understanding the basics can go a long way. I recommended Reshma to my family because I know if they can learn the basics of money management, it could help them too. I knew I couldn’t teach them, so I recommended they work with Reshma.” – T.T. (Ohio, USA)