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Priestess Diasima Ravenfeather (Jann)

About Priestess Diasima

I am an Ordained Priestess of the Divine Feminine Energy in the Universe, whom I lovingly call Goddess. The Feminine Side of the godhead. I also identify as a multi-faith Minister. I serve Goddess in three of Her aspects, which are Kaali, Hekate, and now Beloved Bridgit with Her healing love.

I have been called to bring attention and change to the injustices that women face in their lives, in their many forms! Mostly I am passionate about helping to heal women from trauma (of all types, but especially sexual) caused in childhood and/or in adulthood, so that they, we, become whole, become who we are meant to be in this world.

I am also an Activist, Feminist, Spiritual Warrior, Death Doula, Artist, and Creator of ceremonies and sacred tools. I wear many hats under the banner of healing and now I have been called to use the gifts I have been given for the good of all.

This includes gathering teachers and leaders in our community to pass on their knowledge to you, so you may now follow the path that has been calling you, waiting for this time. I am instrumental in aiding you to gain trust, faith, and surrender as you develop a relationship with our Great Mother.
In Her Service, Priestess Diasima Ravenfeather


My passion is to serve Goddess, our Divine Mother. Over the years, before and since my training, She has impressed upon me to bring healing to as many people as I can. We all hold a little of Her Divinity within us, allowing us to access knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to connect.

I bring a no-nonsense approach to how that can be achieved, so people may heal, gain a beautiful relationship with the Divine and go on to be the people they were meant to be in this world. Making a difference!


🌟 Ordained Priestess of Goddess (Divine Feminine Energy)
🌟 Retired Nurse – a specialist in dementia care, orthopaedic surgical nursing
🌟 Death Doula – End of Life support
Reiki Master/Practitioner/Teacher (Usui, Seichim and Tanran) including Goddess Energy Diksha initiate Workshop and Puja Facilitator
🌟 Move with the Goddess – Make your own sacred amulet –
Guided Healing Meditations Artisan & creator of sacred tools
🌟 Mother Earth Founder of Sacred Dance Goddess inspired movements for healing and connection
🌟 Experienced Temple Priestess – Creation of sacred place Experienced Ceremonialist and Ritual Priestess – Naming days, Blessings and Sacred Rites of Passage
🌟 Experienced Committee member and Conference organiser Certificate of Healing Arts
🌟 Supporter and Student at The Association for Study of Women and Mythology
🌟 Currently Studying – Embodied Processing – The Bottom-up Approach to Healing Trauma and Nervous System Dysregulation through The Centre for Healing


Jann (Priestess Diasima is a gifted Priestess and Artisan. A crafter of Sacred Tools and Objects, to name just one of her talents.
She births each piece by drawing upon a direct connection between the artist and the Divine Feminine, which is her inspiration in all aspects of her life.
Whether creating something from scratch or repurposing someone’s trash into a sort after treasure, Jann will transform the mundane into an object touched by the hand of Goddess.’
– Trish McAloon, Senior Electorate Officer, Office of Dr Marjorie O’Neill, Member for Coogee