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Norah Groves

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Its interesting when someone says “tell me a bit about yourself?” What do you say first? What pops into your head? Is it how you measure your self and worth? For too long I would simply say “I am a mum”, then after my discharge from the military I would say “I am a mum, and was in the RAAF for 16years”. 10 years since my medical discharge I am starting to say “I am a mum, was in the RAAF for 16years but was medically discharged”.

I am now moving from that to using my husbands pizza shop as my identity. Still I slip and think I need to mention my cool job of the past and university studies to prove my value, but this group has been helping me move from the need for all that.

People ask me now to tell them about me, I skip the mum, RAAF and broken stuff and simply say I have a pizza shop at Stockton. My goal is to say, I am Norah, slightly eccentric, I have a quirky view on the world, am very creative and love to make people smile. I act larger than life but that is to hide my insecurities, and I know there are others like me that need to know its ok to be you!


Being secure in your body I think sums up my passion. I hate seeing the young girls cowering in the corner not knowing just how amazing they are, and the best life they can have if they can just shake the insecurities away they have. I was alone and ridiculed for so long, and have always needed others approval and acceptance to get by.

I don’t want to be like that any more and I don’t want anyone to feel they need to be like that too. If we can draw strength from the difference of others our lives will be so much more wholesome.


I have lots of formal qualifications in management, leadership and organisational change as you would imagine an officer in the RAAF would have. Data analysis, training design, train the trainer, computer networking, encryption and radio communications added in just for fun!

I only mention it incase it is useful to someone. I have a lot of skills across a lot of creative mediums, jewellery making – silver and bead embroidery, sewing, quilting and all sorts of things! I do need to learn to focus!