Mystical Dream Interpretation

Learn The Secret Language Of Dreams To Use Their Insights For Your Personal & Spiritual Growth.

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Every Two Weeks on a Tuesday
Time: 7.00pm to 8:00pm

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Every Two Weeks on a Wednesday
Time: 11.00am to 12:00pm

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Mystical Dream Interpretation

Did you know that your nighttime dreams have wisdom for your life?

Dreams help you with life direction, relationships, solutions to problems, and much more.

To understand dreams, you need to go beyond daytime language.
Dream language involves;
🌟 Symbolism,
🌟 Emotions,
🌟 Solutions,
🌟 Personal History,
🌟 Present Situations,
🌟 Possible Future,
🌟 Bypassing Denial,
🌟 & Personal Growth/Spirituality.

In other words, dreams are all about you.


In the Mystical Dream Interpretation tribe, we will go over:
✨ Symbolism
✨ Dream Journals
✨ Personal Dream Language
✨ Dream Categories (solution, recurring, nightmares, health, etc.)
✨ Spiritual Dream Categories (premonitions, past life, visitations from the spirit world and our deceased loved ones)
✨ And other dream topics

Once you understand your dreams’ meanings, you can use their information and wisdom in your daytime life!




Pamela Cummins

 Many moons ago… back in the early 90s, Pamela took her dreams seriously and learned how to interpret them. This changed her life! Her psychic abilities, which she repressed as a child, returned. Life became better and better as she used her dream’s wisdom during the daytime. Pamela just had to share this with the world. What a joy it is to watch her clients’ lives improve!

Fast forward to today. Pamela is an expert dream interpreter, psychic, and spiritual growth coach. Plus, She is also an author, creator of oracle decks, and written a ton of blogs and articles.