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Linda Grundy-Barrett

About Linda

Linda (Minnieha) is the founder of The Toronto HypnoHub, business owner of Soul Hypnotherapy and Gypsy-Dreaming Tarot;
helping people to live more aligned richer lives, offering healing programs that allow the release of past trauma,
change unwanted habits put you back in the driver seat of life.

Before devoting her work to helping folks heal with Hypnotherapy and Tarot,  Linda enjoyed a long career as an Oral Health Therapist, specializing in working with children both in the public and private sectors of the dental health arena. 

Linda had the privilege of participating in a dental pilgrimage to Madagascar, collaborating to establish an orphanage based dental clinic and provide emergency dental treatments to adults and children in the area.


Linda is passionate about helping people understand that we can be free from the prison in our minds.
By not allowing external circumstances to control our life, we are given power &  freedom to choose the life we desire!


🌟 Bachelor Oral Health, (BOH Newcastle)
🌟 Graduate Diploma Dental Therapy (GradDipT Newcastle)
🌟 Graduate Diploma Advanced Clinical Practice
( Graduate Dip Adv Clin Melbourne )
🌟 Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner
🌟 NLP Practitioner/Coach
🌟 TimeLine Therapy Practitioner