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Gaining Self Esteem through Heart-Centered Values


About Josette

Josette is the Founder of Guidance to Wellness. She is a Guide and Champion to women who are rediscovering themselves. She teaches Self Mastery through slowing down, listening deeply and connecting within. She has developed a signature coaching program named Seasons of the Soul, using the four Seasons as the archetypes for change. She has also coined her own version of healing as a Reiki Master Teacher in her signature Healing Journey Meditation (similar to a Shamanic Journey).

Clients have several options with varying price points to access her online Self Mastery teachings. Her topics range from her Seasons of the Soul Coaching Program (Self paced or a group program), A Vision Quest (a unique Vision Board course), A Soulful Pause – Goal Setting VIP Day (Workbook Included), Decoding Your Chakras, How to Create and Use Affirmations (Course and Workbook), Let It Go Workbook, A Practice in Visualization (Course and Workbook), to name a few with more to come.

Her favorite moments in life are spending time with her two daughters, who are all grown up and no longer live at home. She enjoys time with friends and hanging out with her dog, Monte. She loves live theatre and the arts, putting together puzzles and most variations of arts and crafts, including painting. She enjoys walks in nature, the beach and mountains. Basically anywhere with water.

Josette considers herself a life long student. She is always open to learning and willing to see new perspectives and enjoys a good adventure. Josette’s main philosophy in life is, what is meant for you is meant for you. You only have to say YES.


Ever since Josette was a child, she has been fascinated by the invisible. She has always had the gift of observation and recognizing the root of what lies underneath the surface. Josette grew up with young parents who did the best they could, yet, codependency was the main theme in her upbringing. This was a pattern passed down through the generations of her family structures.

She witnessed her mother’s struggle to find herself and be her own person in some small way. This is where her affinity to help women began. As a recovering codependent, she is very passionate about teaching women Self Mastery. With Self Mastery, you can do and be anything you wish. Healing is one of her other passions. Over the past 15 years, Josette has put her certification as a Reiki Master Teacher to use.

She has developed what she calls a Healing Journey Meditation. This meditation in a nutshell, serves as a vehicle to access and rearrange the energetic patterns that are causing discomfort and misalignment. Combining Self Mastery and a Healing Journey Meditation, Josette created her signature coaching program, Seasons of the Soul.

Her passions are a direct result of the work she uses in her own life on a daily basis. After years of developing these programs, her commitment to being a Guide and Champion for women is closest to her heart. She delights in the women she is so honored to serve.


Josette has coached Self Mastery for the past 21 years in her varying life and career roles. For the past 15 years, she has been certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner.


Leslie M. – Josette, thank you for the work you did with me. It was superb. My sessions with you were most worthwhile. You’re an astute listener with an ability to “tune in” to verbal communication and to connect with the type and level of energy I was experiencing — even on Zoom! Your ability to explore with the right questions led me to discovery of some of my built-in assumptions — which helped shift my thinking to different ways of viewing my situation, helped me see through my own “smokescreens”, and helped me to ask different questions and to realize different possibilities, solutions, and choices. I loved that you were very “present” during our sessions and also that the between-session exercises you suggested seemed to be developed organically, as an outgrowth of our conversation and topics. Although I’m certain you have an arsenal of well-prepared material that you have experience using, it still seemed tailored to me. I hope to send others your way!“

Jennifer F. – Working with Josette changed the direction of my life, literally. I was shaken up by three deaths in my family within a three-year period of time. First, my father, then my mother and then my husband of 35 years. I thought I knew who I was and where I was headed, however, when the most influential people in my life were taken from me it shook me. I questioned everything that I thought I knew. When I met with Josette, and we started talking, it was like talking to a close, trusted friend. Her questions were poignant, her care was genuine and her skills were relevant to what I was searching for. She helped me find new direction. She really helped me to steady myself and get grounded. Josette was truly committed to my wellness and strived to really help me as an individual, she customized each session to my needs in that moment and sought to show me how to help myself and to trust my own instincts. She truly has guided me towards my strength, I feel I am a better version of myself..

Poway Unified School District, Adult School Student – “Josette has a gentle, accepting style of teaching and coaching. This allows her clients to dig deep, opening up themselves to discover what they really want no matter how vulnerable that may make them feel. They are in a safe place to explore and grow.”

DeAnna H. – My healing journey with Josette was literally life changing. Her energy feels very safe, secure and non-judgmental. I love her Healing Journey Meditations. She is simply here to guide you so you can release the negative energy that you no longer want or that no longer serves you. During the course of my meditation I released my unwanted patterns. It’s been


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