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Gretchen Theakston

About Gretchen

Hello Community. I am Gretchen Theakston,  a Transformation Coach, Healer, Intuitive, Self-love Advocate and Nurse. I have been a nurse coming up on 30 years now and I first started coaching 25 years ago. I work with crystals, herbs and Tarot. My study of Tarot has been going on for about 40 years now as I have dipped in and out of a relationship with the cards.

Crystals have always been a part of my life since I was very young and they are always with me. I love herbs and have used them for healing throughout my life! I think I have over 100 herbs and spices in my kitchen at present and am always o the lookout to add more. I use the for spells, baking, bath salt remedies and much more. My children have grown up using them for healing and independently use them in their own homes now.

I am learning how to forage some of the wild plants in my city and I grow as many herbs as I can. My study of all branches of metaphysics continues as I am fascinated by everything and learning is a true passion. I love to share what I learn and make all of it a part of others’ lives. I am a writer and a poet as well, another way to share what I learn and pass it on.


My calling in life has been to be of service and it is something I take very seriously. Every job I have had has been in the service industry in one form or another. Now I can serve others by aligning myself with spirit and all the knowledge I have gained over my lifetime. Every day I get up with a sense of purpose knowing I am living a truly remarkable life, the life I had always dreamed of.