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I was brought up in Sydney & moved to Bathurst where I did my last 2 years of schooling before going back to Sydney to train as a Mothercraft Nurse. From there I travelled overseas & then came back to Oz, got married & moved to a farm in the upper Hunter Valley where I lived for 17 years & raised my 3 – now adult – boys. We moved our lives to Tamworth when the boys started High School. Over the years, I have worn many different hats – from Mothercraft Nurse to Youth worker to Farmer to Cleaner to Teachers Aid to Massage Therapist & now to my current hat – as a Life Coach in my business called Heart Smiles!

For the past 40 years I’ve participated in countless trainings & courses – you definitely could call me a course junkie – all have related to personal growth in one way or another. I’m definitely drawn to anything that has to do with helping to shift our inner state, or bring about inner healing & transformation, anything that inspires us to evolve & expand & move ahead. I love the feeling of being in momentum but I also love being still, taking it all in, appreciating right now – especially out in nature!

I have an eye for potential & another thing I love to do is to transform living spaces so they have order, flow & a beautiful ambience. Having recently separated, I decided to leave Tamworth & set up a new life for myself here in Newcastle – where I’m so grateful to have found this beautiful community!!


I’m passionate about lighting up the world & raising its vibration – beginning with me shining my own light & raising my own vibration – & from here – helping others to do the same. The state of our vibration not only affects our manifesting results – but also the state of our well-being. AND it goes so much further than that! It has a flow-on ripple effect to all & everything around us as well! I love to help others to move out of feelings of stuck-ness or emotional pain because of the positive effect it has on their own light, vibration & wellbeing – & then also the positive ripple effect it creates – that then serves the good of all!

My coaching involves helping people to remove anything that sabotages their vibration & causes it to be diluted or blocked or heavy & then raising their vibration to manifest all the good they desire – & all the while positively impacting everything around them!


🌟 Life Coaching Certificate1V
🌟 Law of Attraction Life Coaching Certification
🌟 Quantum Success Coaching Academy Love & Authenticity Practitioner Training


Prior to my coaching journey with Grace – I was feeling down and low and unsure what my next steps/plans were in life. I was doubting my self-worth. I have always believed in the power of the mind and was interested to learn ways and techniques to really use my inner power – which is exactly what Grace was offering as part of her coaching. She was fantastic in explaining and teaching. Throughout the weeks of my coaching journey – I became emotionally stronger and more positive. I was comfortable enough to open up and became more aware and clearer of what it was that I wanted in my life’s journey.

Since working with Grace, I am happier and more positive, I’m more confident with myself, where I am at in life and what I want. I was successful in applying for a relocation position with my work and moved to the coast for a new experience. Grace helped me to find my own realisation that this is what I wanted and then taught me ways of visualising and attracting this for myself.
– A.D.

Before I started my coaching with Grace, I was feeling like I was ‘just floating along’, not achieving the results I wanted. I felt like I had lost my direction and to some degree – my self-confidence.

I chose to work with Grace because I had already known her as being such a warm, approachable and trustworthy person. I was a little nervous at first & even though I was nervous Grace made me feel so relaxed & comfortable. Instead of feeling vulnerable & exposed, I felt safe. I was able to trust her & the process & to ‘drop my guard’. The process was so enlightening in regard to revealing certain blockages that I didn’t even know I had!

We explored these blockages & I felt much heaviness within me shift and lift. Since the coaching, my life seems to be flowing. Work opportunities have come along with much ease providing financial prosperity. I feel I am now much more confident and ‘settled within myself’, which was something I had set out to achieve.

I truly believe Grace has a gift! Thank you Grace for all the love and tenderness you show and share.”
– C.I.