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Eva May

About Eva

Eva was born in Poland and permanently moved to Australia in 2006.  Embracing every single, beautiful day down under.
She is the founder of LFT Life Field Therapy, a modality that is recognized worldwide and registered in IICT.
The Life Field is much more than Aura.
This is a Personal Hologram of Life, which Eva discovered intuitively. Before creating LFT, Eva have studied different paths of life coaching, healing, and mindfulness, like NLP life coaching and NLP hypnotherapy, quantum science and spirituality, how the Divine Matrix works, Law of Manifestation, different meditation and breathwork techniques, distance healing, sound healing, time line therapy, trauma/pain numerical codes therapy, karma healing, and other. She has been working in the field for 28 years.

Eva is dedicated mostly to women’s empowerment and growth, helping them to overcome old toxic patterns and become charismatic beings. She is also passionate about fixing difficult relationships and in that field, Eva has developed a miraculous technique of “non-verbal heart communication”. Eva is also a writer, and has published 2 books about healing, self-development, and the law of manifestation. She has done articles, inspirational talks, live streams and have recorded a few CDs with her original meditation practices. But most importantly, she was born with a natural GIFTS of healing hands, intuition, channeling, empathy, and a healing voice.

Eva has spent many years back in Poland using those GIFTS and became a well-known “national treasure”, a recognized energy therapist with a specialization in removing emotionally based pain. She has spent all her life helping people (mostly women) to get better, and improve their lives.
In 2021, she established in Perth a Meetup Group for women, “Rise and Shine Together”. The group used to meet once a month in some beautiful places around the city, tapping into the power of nature, meditating, sharing, supporting each other, and having fun.

Eva has been married for over 16 years to a bossy, practical, strong, wonderful man with hips of old patterns carried on his shoulders.  She appreciates their ups and downs, conflicts, arguing, win-win talking, life challenges, outback trips, loving moments…etc. She loves him very much and knows that he is her best karmic lesson ever. She can tell that her “marriage” experience is the most important in her life and helped her develop knowledge and skills to help other women who put themselves in a troubled relationship.
To quote Eva, “So, I am here…for YOU…with all my knowledge, experience, and skills. With all my heart dedicated to YOU…and to ME of course.”



Eva is passionate in putting her knowledge, skills, and professional experiences into helping women get rid of fear, self-doubt, old toxic patterns, and beliefs, into becoming charismatic shining human beings. Remarkable, strong, and creative women again. She is helping them to tap into the core of Divine Feminine within and to remember Who They Truly Are, to behave like one on a daily basis.

Eva has always been fascinated by how the human mind and subconscious work and how healing energy works but she is passionate most about healing emotional-based chronic physical pain. She can feel with her hands the structure of that pain, caused by previous emotional traumas. She can sense the story hidden behind, channel the words and numbers (healing codes) to help her clients get rid of that pain. 

Eva is also passionate about meditation. She loves to meditate. She does it every day for over 28 years. She loves to run meditation classes and channel live, with no rehearsal or script, the words, affirmations, invocations…coming from the Source just for that very moment. 

Eva finds it important to understand her passion for healing and helping people. Once, during her meditation many years ago, she was spontaneously triggered to channel divine feminine being OYA from a higher dimension. She has learned from Her how to heal people by developing the State of Light … So, it was a breaking point in her life.

 Eva also loves cooking, traveling, writing inspirational channeled stories, and also has written lyrics for a few songs already published on Youtube. She loves to live a simple life, smell, and feel Nature at all times. She wants to share with you the best of her and inspire you to become the best too, whatever it means to you.​ She truly believes YOU can!


⭐️ LFT Life Field Therapy founder
⭐️ LFT Master Coach NLP Life Coach
⭐️ NLP Hypnotherapist
⭐️ Mindfulness meditation teacher
⭐️ Energy healer
⭐️ Spiritual teacher
⭐️ Intuitive writer
⭐️ Specialized in Women’s Empowerment and Fixing relationships
⭐️ Practicing Centered State of Consciousness.


“…I think Eva is one of the most interesting and effective coaches and healers. I have tried so many modalities to get rid of my fears and get back on track. A few sessions with Eva gave me more than years of therapy. Thank you”

– Nik.

“…I was so tired taking pain killers over 2 years and walking with a stick. I decided to try pain healing by numeric codes with Eva. That was it! It felt sooo relieved after one session and then… after a few more…I did find what trauma story was hidden in my hip and spine. I feel much better now, I am grateful and highly recommend Eva’s unconventional therapies”.

– Martha.

“…My relationship was tragic, drama every day. I was almost decided to divorce this man who did not respect me at all. But since I went through the LFT sessions with Eva to fix my relationship eventually, I abandoned the idea to divorce Tom. I learned that many reasons for his “bad” behavior were placed on my side. I have triggered him to not listen, to show me his back, or to behave rudely. Now I know, I have had to change, thanks to Eva. Now my relationship is almost ideal. But to understand the reasons, be able to change me first, I need to find Eva’s LFT. So grateful!”

– Theresa.