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What are the 5 Essential Psycho/Spiritual Must-Haves EVERY Woman Needs?

Women’s Empowerment Program


“Inspire, Innovate, Ignite: Conversations That Count”

Get inspired by expert panelists who share innovative,
self-empowerment tips that will enrich your life.

Each intimate group of panelists have been hand-chosen for specific topics to
ignite deep conversations amongst guests who join live.

Showing up live is the very best way to not only learn from experts,
but to engage in discussions and get your very own questions answered.

This series will help you understand the topics at a deeper level so you become empowered
to integrate the tips and discussion elements into your day-to-day life.

What are the 5 Essential Psycho/Spiritual Must-Haves EVERY Woman Needs?

Spirituality used to be very separate from real life and it used to be very exotic.  Psychology used to be all about unpacking life experience to make sense of who we are and why we do what we do.  Somehow, in this uncertain world the two have merged. 

Our conversation will explore 5 psycho/spiritual crossovers needed to make sense of life in uncertain times. 


Grace Heart

Grace is the host of the UP Your Vibe Tribe

As a Law of Attraction Life-coach – Grace helps people break through vibrational barriers that sabotage & frustrate their manifesting results – creating access to all that lights up their soul.

Heidi Henyon

Heidi Started her Journey at age 17, more than 40 years ago when she came across her first yoga master from India
who piqued her natural curiosity about the body and mind.
From this point Heidi has been fascinated with how the world we live in
and create for ourselves affects us and our well-being.
She received her first certifications in applied kinesiology when she was 21
and has continued to study Energy Medicine, movement and the art of ritual and ceremony.
Even while in corporate America teaching internationally in the computer industry
she continued to study internationally and work with clients privately.
Finally, in 2001 after 911 she left her corporate position of 25 years
realizing her heart was in helping people to heal and feel whole.

Jade Mcarthur

Jade is a trained life coach, intuitive reader, and content creator at ASTROGIRL,
a spiritual platform that educates everyday people on mindset & mysticism hacks for wellness and empowerment.

After being diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorder in 2017,
Jade experienced her first spiritual awakening that lead her on the path to exploring alternative options
for guidance and healing in the areas of spirituality and personal development.
ASTROGIRL was then born with the belief that esoteric knowledge is every humans birth right
and the implementation of spiritual tools is crucial to living our best and most aligned life.

You can find Jade across all social media platforms @astrogirl__au

& on SUNROOM for exclusive mini masterclasses, discounted coaching

& rapid tarot readings.

Jo Anne Irwin

Jo Anne works with ambitious women living in overwhelm or anxiety who have big dreams
and want to achieve success through work life balance though are burned out and continually struggle to achieve their ultimate outcomes.

She is the creator of ‘Empower You’ and ‘Finding You – Time’ programs
that teach women how to harness their manifestation power to master their life and live from a balanced,
abundant, peaceful place, achieving all their desires, goals and dreams with ease.

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Susan Rumack


Susan Rumack

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