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UP Your Vibe

Up your vibe manifesting is directly linked to your vibration. Your vibration is like the Universe’s language & the Law of Attraction is always ‘listening’ to & responding to it.
Leveraging this fact should be a simple process but time & again – I’m hearing people say in frustration -“We know the manifesting process & we know it works & we know we can leverage the Law of Attraction to manifest the good stuff we want – BUT knowing about it & actually doing it are two very different things!”

We struggle with everyday kinds of distractions that hijack our good intentions & our vibration – & ultimately our manifesting success.

This Tribe is for You, if you feel that you already know the manifesting process – (or want to learn more about it) – but it is especially for anyone who wishes to APPLY it!!
We will move out of that ‘simply knowing it’ place to intentionally raise our vibration up into the level – where the Manifesting Magic really takes place!

In this Tribe you will find:
🌟 manifesting & personal development info,
🌟 inspiration,
🌟 tips,
🌟 encouragement,
🌟 nurturing,
🌟 fun challenges,
🌟 events
to support you to raise & keep your vibration ‘UP’ instead of diluted & down – even in the midst of everyday life!
Please come & join us! Can’t wait to meet you!!


TRIBE HOST: Grace Heart

Hi! I work as a ‘Vibrational Break-through’ Life Coach, helping people to break through barriers that sabotage their vibration,
so that they can fully align to their authentic path & manifest all that lights up their soul – unstoppably!

Grace Heart


Grace Heart
Grace Heart


Grace Heart

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