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The Formula For Happiness

The Formula For Happiness

This Tribe is designed to empower and help women celebrate their own uniqueness through Mental/Emotional Well-Being and Self-Care.
You will learn how to:
😃 understand and address anxiety, stress, fear, and overwhelm,
😃 how to express yourself better,
😃 how to respond rather than to react,
😃 how to choose health over poor habits, and
😃 find gratitude and love in life even in the most challenging of times.

These workshops will help women feel happy and confident as they rediscover their own truth, their own individual values, core needs, and be able to see, feel, and learn about how they can control their emotions and behaviours and make better choices that will serve them in their future as they align closer to their own core identity.

In a world full of uncertainty this Tribe is centred on how you can create your own sense of certainty within you, as you ultimately have control over how you perceive, feel, and behave towards both positive and negative situations that impact our life.

We talk about a variety of topics that allows for a safe, fun, and empowering space to share, learn, connect, and grow as we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other, and how we can also serve the greater good with more purpose, energy, acceptance, love and gratitude.


TRIBE HOST: Ashlea Griffin

My name is Ashlea Griffin, The Happy Therapist.

Happiness is very important to me and a big part of happiness is being both physically and emotionally fit! Since experiencing and overcoming many of my own emotional barriers, I have made it my mission to help people discover their own truth and happiness. While everyone’s journey and experience is different, I acknowledge the complexities in what it feels like to be depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, grieving, angry, overweight and much more.

Through experiencing and overcoming my own personal pain points I became passionate in helping others understand theirs; helping them navigate their way to feeling personal freedom in healing, wholeness, love, health, and happiness. I have been in the Health and Wellness industry as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Pilates instructor for 20 years and in the past 10 years have studied Positive Psychology and Human Behaviour, completing a Bachelor of Psychology, and also qualified as a Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, and Master Matrix Therapist.

All of this I have combined and I have been able to run extremely effective Coaching & Therapy offering various holistic online programs and packages that are incredibly healing, transformative and empowering. Positive changes in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, setting new goals, repairing important relationships, moving beyond past traumas, toxicity, and establishing new positive cognitive and behavioural patterns have all been a part of my client’s individual journeys. Some only need minor changes, while others have cleared and healed 30+ years worth of anxiety, depression, trauma and pain and are now welcoming a happier, healthier, passionate, purposeful and fulfilled life. It is always so rewarding to witness the mental and emotional healing and transformation take place, and I can’t wait to meet you to help you along your journey too!
Love & giggles,
Ash xxx

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