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Stepping Into Our Inner Power

Women’s Empowerment Program


“Inspire, Innovate, Ignite: Conversations That Count”

Get inspired by expert panelists who share innovative,
self-empowerment tips that will enrich your life.

Each intimate group of panelists have been hand-chosen for specific topics to
ignite deep conversations amongst guests who join live.

Showing up live is the very best way to not only learn from experts,
but to engage in discussions and get your very own questions answered.

This series will help you understand the topics at a deeper level so you become empowered
to integrate the tips and discussion elements into your day-to-day life.

Stepping Into Our Inner Power
By stepping into your own power, you claim the inherent power that resides within us all. It is there waiting to be claimed, but first you must let go of the conditioned beliefs and false judgements you have accumulated over the years that obscure your powerful self.

Tune in as our Panelists, discuss ways to overcome our limiting beliefs, release past traumas and take the necessary steps to Step Into Our Own Power and Experience the Life that we truly are meant too.


Donna Maltz

Donna Maltz is a Positivity Coach, Eco-entrepreneur and business consultant, author, show host, blogger, speaker, and Holistic Chef
specializing in helping others live a legacy lifestyle as change-makers and thought leaders.

Her Motto is “Why Retire When I Can Inspire.” She is a Soulutionists.

She empowers leaders to live with clarity and stay true to their mission.
For decades she has been a catalyst for change, guiding individuals and businesses
working in the world of human potential to live like the future matters.

Jann Ravenfeather
Jann is an Ordained Priestess of the Divine Feminine Energy in the Universe, whom she lovingly calls Goddess.
Also know as Priestess Diasima, Jann identifies as a Multi-Faith Minister, Activist, Feminist,
Spiritual Warrior, Death Doula, Artist, and Creator of Ceremonies and sacred tools.
Jann has been called to bring attention and change to the injustices
that women face in their lives, in their many forms!

Mostly she is passionate about helping to heal women from trauma (of all types, but especially sexual)
caused in childhood and/or in adulthood, so that they, we, become whole, become who we are meant to be in this world.
Jann is also the Host of the Many Faces Of Goddess Tribe

Katie Yevmenova
Katie is a creator of Totally Sunny Life.
Her passion for being present in every moment of living led her to help women cultivate deep connections with their souls
and guide them to achieve their deepest soul purpose in their lives.
Through her gifts of seeing people deeply, asking powerful questions she helps connect them to their truth & be their best selves.
Katie blends her knowledge of Akashic Records, Reiki, yoga, meditation, conscious language & essential oils
to guide women through deep transformation while being support by divine guidance.

Tabitha Benway
Tabitha Benway is an Entrepreneur, owner of Benway Investment Group, Coach and Abundance Workshop Facilitator.
In her early carrer as a competitive gymnastics coach she gained a love for helping people
believe in themselves and accomplish things that seemed unimaginable.
She also discovered that the key difference in doing the “impossible” or not was a person’s mindset or belief.
This set her on a journey to learning about mindset and belief systems that keep people from the greatest versions of themselves.
After several years of training with different mentors she began coaching and running workshops,
supporting people in breaking through belief systems that held them back.

Tabitha is a wife and mother who believes that all the challenges we face in our world will be solved when we all work together,
in the flow of abundance and with an abundance mindset.

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