Soul Tarot & Healing Hypnosis

Soul Tarot & Healing Hypnosis

A Soul Tarot Reading Opens the Doorway to the Wellness Pathway.
Hypnosis Dives Deeper into Healing and Change.

Trauma often is very deep and repressed, and runs deep both in our physical body as energy and on a psychological level. Traumatic experiences shape our lives and the way you view your self and your relationships.
I believe that the healing combination of ‘Tarot and Hypnotherapy’ offers a unique approach to healing trauma with Tarot cards providing spiritual tools that help us connect deeply to our Soul Purpose and Hypnotherapy providing deeper healing and change.
Soul Hypnotherapy was born because, like so many of us, I have been on a personal journey to peel back the layers, remove the armour and step into ‘my light’.
My work is soul centered healing through tarot, hypnotherapy and sometimes just holding space while helping each person unlock the key to their own true path.

As a Host of this Tribe I will be teaching the ‘Art of Tarot’, covering how tarot reading can be used for everything from :
⭐️Dream Interpretation,
⭐️Guidance and
⭐️Clarification in your life.

I will offer a monthly energetic check in for you with the cards and answer any questions you may have.
You will learn the meaning and the message of the Major and Minor Arcana.
I will post to our tribe the focus for the upcoming meeting .
Everyone who shows up will receive healing guidance through the Art of Tarot.
If you feel called to this pathway, or are just curious I welcome you.


TRIBE HOST: Linda Grundy-Barrett
Linda (Minnieha) is the founder of The Toronto HypnoHub, business owner of Soul Hypnotherapy and Gypsy-Dreaming Tarot;
helping people to live more aligned richer lives, offering healing programs that allow the release of past trauma,
change unwanted habits put you back in the driver seat of life.
Linda is a passionate, professional Hypnotherapist, Tarot Reader and Transformational Life Coach with a heart centred approach to Healing.
Educated with Helen Mitas @ Hypnofit; and Self Mastery with Luke Pearce obtaining NLP, Time Line Therapy TM and Hypnotherapy Certifications.

Linda Grundy Barrett


Linda Grundy Barrett

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