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Self-Esteem & Me

Women’s Empowerment Program


“Inspire, Innovate, Ignite: Conversations That Count”

Get inspired by expert panelists who share innovative,
self-empowerment tips that will enrich your life.

Each intimate group of panelists have been hand-chosen for specific topics to
ignite deep conversations amongst guests who join live.

Showing up live is the very best way to not only learn from experts,
but to engage in discussions and get your very own questions answered.

This series will help you understand the topics at a deeper level so you become empowered
to integrate the tips and discussion elements into your day-to-day life.

Self-Esteem & Me

As women, we are often raised to believe that we are not good enough.
Magazines, social media, advertisements, and society contribute to this belief
by showing us how beautiful life could be if we were more beautiful, slender, taller, etc.
We also tend to create an internal bully that loves to criticize,
compare us to other people and sabotage our own life.
This leads to low Self-Worth and Self-Esteem issues.

Go on a journey where you will learn how to gain respect,
develop confidence in yourself as well as enhance all your natural abilities.



Bex Smith

Known as your Cheerleader for Change, Bex Smith is a Speaker, Trainer, Body Psychotherapist,
Counsellor, Wellbeing Mentor, Corporate Facilitator and People & Change Consultant.
She is on a mission to help you find your flow in change.
Inspired by nature, her groundbreaking new Change Intelligence Model,
The Art of Yin, helps you better manage your emotions as you learn to adapt and grow to your changing environments.

Dawn Cady

Dawn Cady is a Success Guide, Intuitive, Certified Holistic Therapist, Owner and Founder of Alleviate Pain.
Dawn suffered for 31 years with opioid addiction, learning how to walk again despite doctors insisting she’d be disabled for the rest of her life.
Dawn created The Neural Alignment Method®, uniting over 120 of the world’s best healing tools
and techniques that she incorporated into her online programs. When working one on one with clients.
Dawn connects with their higher self/soul to channel the messages, and blockages, giving you guidance to heal from all life issues
including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, confusion, and family issues.


Hara Bloom

Hara Bloom is a Life Coach and Mentor living my dream life in Bali with her fiancé René,
far away from the confines of my previous career at the BBC.
After years of chasing shiny objects, peak experiences and reaching that point of “quote on quote success”.
Hara travelled the world for 6.5 years and studied mindfulness, spiritual healing, heart music,
plant medicines, tantra, somatic movement and authentic relating in Australia, South America and Bali.
She now guide other women who want MORE fulfillment, freedom and fun.

Jenn Rosner

Jenn is a conscious law of attraction trainer and teacher of the foundational principles of conscious creation
and would love for you to join her to learn how to implement these key principles so you can consciously create a life that you love.
You see success isn’t personal, it’s structural.

Jenn is also the Tribe Host of Conscious Law of Attraction 

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Sophia Soul


Sophia Soul

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