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Rise Up: Embody Your Infinite Light

Rise Up: Embody Your Infinite Light

⭐️Work with Light, Raise Your Frequency & Rise Above Chaos & Struggle⭐️

In this Tribe, we focus on helping you live above the chaos and
struggle of daily life so you can enjoy more vibrancy and ease.
You’ll learn to work with the Light to raise your frequency
so you feel magical no matter what’s going on in your day-to-day life.
You’ll learn about the different Light Rays and their qualities that will assist you in different areas of your life.
We’ll also clear stuck energy and activate your 5th dimensional Chakra system.
Working with the Light allows you to access your SuperHuman abilities
so you can fast-track the manifestation of fulfillment and success.

Working with 💠Light💠,
You Will:
🌟 Energetically align to a higher frequency
🌟 Raise your consciousness so you can enjoy more peaceful and at ease
🌟 Access your SuperHuman abilities, embody your truth so life feels magical and you can manifest a reality you love

Come and play with Light so you can rise up and Embody your Infinite Light.
Jump timelines, cross dimensions, and with unlimited possibilities manifest a truly magical life.
I’m so excited to share this with you!


TRIBE HOST: Lisa DePamphilis

Lisa guides female entrepreneurs who are tired of the hustle without results to find more balance and success.
She uplifts you to feel in flow so you can welcome all forms of abundance.
Lisa uses her signature Recalibration Process to help you rise above
the struggle and chaos so you can finally receive fulfillment and success.
Lisa uses her gifts to help you finally release old ways of creating
so you can start experiencing a whole new way to seamlessly uplevel the unfoldment of your reality.
It’s time to BE all that you came here to be.

Lisa DePamphilis


Lisa DePamphilis

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