Restore Your Inner Money Guru

Restore Your Inner Money Guru

Do you know 8 out of 10 women are not comfortable speaking out about their finances?
Building our money emotional intelligence helps rewrite our money narratives
so that we are no longer driven by scarcity, early childhood traumas, systems of oppression, and relational factors.
Are you:
πŸ˜” Earning more money but feeling as broke as you were when earning less?
πŸ˜” Feeling stuck and overwhelmed with your finances?
πŸ˜” Are you working long hours and sacrificing precious moments from your loved ones,
but can’t see an end to the endless hours?
πŸ˜” Avoiding looking at your money situation? You are not alone.

Join us in our Tribe as we:
βœ…Β  Restore Your Inner Money Guru: The Compassionate Approach to Stop Money Stress and
Go Back To Living Your Best Life In Flow.

πŸš€ Learn about the links between different types of trauma and how they turn up in our relationship
with money, daily spending or hoarding behaviours, scarcity, and debt

πŸ’₯ Weed Out Money Gremlins and Re-Write Money Scripts That No Longer Serve You

πŸ™πŸ½ Learn How To Become Aware When Your Decisions With Your Money Is Being Controlled By Trauma Response and

πŸŽ† Develop Techniques and Simple Practices You Can Use To Self-Regulate and Take Back Control Of Your finances.

πŸ™πŸ½β€β™€οΈ One of the key contributors to this statistic is financial literacy historically
has been driven by patriarchal controls, fear, and shame.



Hi there, I’m Taga, a Certified Money, Business, and Life Coach and Founder of Money-MEI App: The Trusted Mobile Money Bestie everyone needs.
I’ve rebuilt my finances after recovering from Breast Cancer and the shame of financial hardship
and I can show you how to do the same to no matter how messy you believe your finances are.

Despite working with one of the major banks in Australia and running a Mortgage Brokering Business I still lost it all. I did a pivot into the community sector as Financial Counsellor and Financial Capabilities Educator for over a decade where I have worked with hundreds of families who struggled with the same challenges I too had experienced.
I began to see a very common problem that I too had experienced: It didn’t matter how detailed or simple the budgets and money mindset tools were, I still cycled in ‘broke’, and, I was too ashamed to talk about it. But through years of study and working in the trenches, I soon learned there was a whole level of awareness that was sabotaging all my efforts.

This is an area not talked about enough. Money Emotional Intelligence. The intersection of the Psychology of Money AND Money Literacy. The Money-MEI app. is a newly launched trauma-informed approach to Financial Literacy to stop money stress and live your best life without overwhelm and create the legacy and impact you’re proud of.

Taga Iose


Taga Iose

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