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The Path to Self-Esteem

The Path to Self-Esteem

How often do you feel overwhelmed and confused by the pace you experience in life?  

Our world is moving so fast, so many of us are simply responding and reacting to the people and circumstances that are coming at us on a daily basis.  

What does this have to do with your Self Esteem?

Everything.  You don’t even have an opportunity to assess your feelings or consider what you value from moment to moment.  All of this creates hasty and fuzzy decision making, leading to unhappiness and low Self Esteem.  We don’t even see why or what is causing our unhappiness because we do not recognize that our nervous system has been asked to step up and run on autopilot programming.

If you are ready to live your life more connected and heart centered so you can begin to blossom and live life by your design, it starts with your Self Esteem.  

This is the beginning of a new way of being.  Exploring what you Value in life will bring the Self Awareness that is necessary to raise your Self Esteem.  Leading you towards more happiness, connection and clarity.

What You Get In The Path to Self-Esteem:

💟  Discover your top 5 Values
💟  Increase your Self Awareness
💟  Increase your Self Confidence|
💟  Increase your Self Esteem
💟  Learn about the 7 main Chakras and how they can impact your Self Esteem
💟  Live your life heart centered


TRIBE HOST: Josette Diaz

Josette Diaz Transforms women’s lives through Self Mastery as their Guide and Champion.  She believes that knowing what your hot button issues are, is a power move to rise above self sabotage.  She offers her system of Self Mastery in her group program, Seasons of the Soul.  Josette also offers one-on-one coaching, courses and workshops to guide you home to your inner voice, activate your wisdom and experience more joy and rhythm.  Josette is a certified Reiki Master Teacher as well as a certified NLP Practitioner/Trainer and Timeline Therapy ™ Practitioner. 

Josette Diaz


Josette Diaz

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