Life-Force Activators

Life-Force Activators

Holding you safe in its weave, your ancestral energies stretch unbreakable strands around your body and mind! We play with energy!
This Tribe is all about the exciting alchemy of mixing old and new energy protection.
And we rock energetic grounding like you’ve never experienced it before.
This is a hosted community of people sharing stories, tools, trainings… all about life-force energy activation.

Which means community chaos is kept to a minimum as you make a few new acquaintances, who might become trusted friends.
Every meeting, you take away new ways of using what is already in you! Our conversations just wake it up!
Our community will tickle your imagination and turn on your own excitement for life. PLUS, you choose to be as active or quiet as you wish.

But we hope you’ll be very active. Sample a few of our topics:
🌟 Playful Energy Tools – Child’s play teaches energetic control
⭐️ All the fun stuff that makes being an HSP and Empath spectacular
🌟 Life-Force Activation with:
– Surprisingly Easy Mind-Hacks for the Stressed Brain
– Converting ALL Trauma into Resilience is as easy as 1,2,3.
– Parenting the Sensitive Child: It’s Child’s Play
🌟 If Love Relationships ARE Really Energetic Life-Force Influencing Opportunities, What are Friendships?
🌟 Physical Grounding vs Shielding Grounding – Did you know there is a difference? And that difference makes ALL the difference!

Ask for a topic and it will happen just for you. Your topic will become one of your own Life-Force Activators!
Roll the atmosphere in your Tribe meetings into a ball; toss it back and forth like children excited to learn new skills using ancient protection to meet your 21st century needs, and that’s what this tribe feels like.

This is happens every time you join us for about an hour, every 2 weeks.
Life-Force Activators is the joy-bringer for those who are exhausted by traditional thinking about anything and everything spiritual, HSP, and Empath.
This Tribe welcomes both Women and Men Members


TRIBE HOST: Sue Rumack

Sue Rumack, is the professional Empath brain re-trainer and overwhelm strategist sought out by HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) and Empaths including Professionals, Creatives, Healers, Moms, Dads and Teens. Global Empath Trainer Sue Rumack’s purpose and passion is guiding/teaching the highly sensitive empath to re-design their extreme sensitivity to the outside world, so they get control of what has controlled them for most of their lives.

Sue says she is no different from you except that in mid-life something happened that sent her into an energetic silence so deep that it cracked her open to understanding her extreme sensitivities for what they are…the eyes and ears on the pulse of everything around her. She learned to control what controlled her. It worked! Then she found the science that explained how she did it! 2007 Sue became a professional life coach helping others do the same.

Sue’s GIFT is guiding/teaching the most highly sensitive people on the planet how to fix, heal, and save themselves. She touches you with tools… you touch others… who touch others… your children grow up knowing how to use the gifts they were born with, to live whole, healthy complete lives. Sue target is a win-win for humanity!

Susan Rumack


Susan Rumack


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