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Healing Through Self-Love Meeting

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Healing Through Self-Love Meeting

What does Self-Love mean? I know people ask this question often these days.
This is what I have come to understand.
⭐️ Putting yourself first
⭐️ Loving every part of yourself
⭐️ You have no flaws and you are not broken
⭐️ Understanding your wholeness
⭐️ Reclaiming your inner power
⭐️ Falling in love with yourself
⭐️ Shining so bright your light falls on all around you
⭐️ When you understand that you are powerful and whole you have more than enough for others
⭐️ Learning to say no and not feel guilty
⭐️ Leaving shame and judgement behind
Does any of this resonate with you? Do you feel that you are stretched too thin or you don’t have time for yourself?
Let’s learn how to put ourselves first and bring fun and joy back into our lives!
I went on this journey of discovery myself and as a result, have healed some chronic illnesses
and now live without pain.
I rest well every night (except during full moons. lol) and have energy all day. I have enough time to do everything
I desire and still find time for fun. end more time
Would you like to live stress-free? Have enough time in your day. Spend more time in joy with less worry?
If you answered yes please come join the discussion.
I’m looking forward to meeting you, hearing your stories and sharing what I have learned.

FACILITATOR: Gretchen Theakston.

I am Gretchen Theakston. A Transformation Coach, Self-Love Advocate, Healer, Intuitive and Nurse.
I live in Toronto, Ontario and am the Mother of 4 plus a fur baby Mom to a Siberian Husky.
I have been Nurse coming up on 30 years and loved what I formally did. Although I am not a practising bedside Nurse, I do research so I can write books.
I am a published author, poet and I also design Journals. I have 5 Journals available at present and more on the way. I love to travel and try new cuisine.
I am an avid home cook and create recipes using alternative ingredients for people with allergies.
I love life and discovering new things in my home town and the unusual places when travelling. I find life exhilarating every day and gratitude and meditation are daily practices as well as journaling, after all, I am a writer at heart!
Although I have worked for many years in the health care system, I find myself using long-forgotten health remedies with my family and myself to maintain our overall health.
Big fan of crystals, tarot/oracle cards and herbology and I also make healing bath salts in my spare time.
I love helping people heal through the amazing gift of GRATITUDE. It has changed my life and how I live now.
Bless you & keep smiling . xxx

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Aug 17 2022

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  • Date: Aug 17 2022
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Gretchen Theakston


Gretchen Theakston

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