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Gaining Self Esteem Through Heart-Centered Values

Gaining Self Esteem Through Heart-Centered Values

Life comes at us fast these days. So much of our time is spent worrying, overthinking and comparing what goes on outside of ourselves. So much so, we do not even recognize it.
As women we are all daughters. Some of us are mothers, wives, sisters, aunts or guardians.
We can hold these important roles and also manage a household and/or a career. No matter how many of these roles you hold, it can be a lot.
Your Self Esteem begins to take the hits and you are left feeling depleted and unsure of yourself and the future.
Isn’t it time to slow down and really live life with intention and purpose?
Through our Values, we begin to re-engage with our Self Esteem.

The vehicle that takes us on this journey is our own energetic blueprint known as the Chakra System.
We will explore each of the Chakras and identify our Values.
Creating a purpose driven life with intention is our journey as we simplify what exists outside of ourselves and focus inward.

This journey inward brings us to discover our Heart-Centred Values which align and connect with our Self Esteem.
Providing us with the tools to Be, Do and Have who we are truly are.

We begin the journey by learning the basics of each Chakra and when it develops in our energy blueprint.
You will receive my Let It Go Journal with thought provoking prompts to assist you in getting outside of your comfort zone.
Giving you clarity and assurance in your abilities and decision making skills.

We will have a topic each session to inform and give you real world assessment skills.
Incorporating Heart-Centred Values that amplify your beliefs and your gifts to become your sovereign self,
lifting your Self Esteem.
We will go on my signature Healing Journey Meditation to clear out:
🌟 limiting beliefs,
🌟misaligned values,
🌟 negative self talk
🌟 and much more.

This Tribe is right for you if you are committed to discovering yourself and are willing to take the most beautiful journey that will open your heart to limitless possibilities.
We will meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm AEDT.


TRIBE HOST: Josette Diaz

Josette Diaz, is a Guide and Champion for women rediscovering themselves. She teaches Self Mastery through slowing down, listening deeply and connecting within. Josette has been a certified Reiki Energy Master Healer for the past 15 years. She is trained and certified as a Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner and a Trainer of NLP.

For 21 years Josette has taught women Self Mastery. Her greatest areas of focus are emotional intelligence and how to identify patterns that are the root cause of what is holding a woman back in life.

Josette guides women in how to access and identify their own rhythm. Providing women with personal revelations along the way, to create a life in ease, by allowing the answers to arrive and flow into creation. One of her core beliefs is, what is meant for you is meant for you. You only have to say YES.

Josette Diaz


Josette Diaz

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