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Flourish with Freedom

Flourish with Freedom

Welcome to Flourish with Freedom!
A Tribe for empowering free-spirited women who want to feel fulfilled in their lives and Flourish with Freedom.
Bring back belief, faith, trust within themselves, and gain clarity, courage, and confidence in deciding to pursue the life they deserve and desire on their terms, not worrying about societal and cultural norms.

Do you resonate with the following?
⭐️ You want to take the leap of faith and leave your unhappy friendship/job/marriage, but fear of the unknown and societal judgment is holding you back.
⭐️ You want to take time out of your busy schedule for Self-Love and Self-Care, but you feel it is selfish to put yourself first.
⭐️ You have sacrificed all your life, fulfilling other peoples’ needs and wants, losing your own identity in the process, but you feel you didn’t have the freedom to pursue your passion and purpose.
⭐️ You are seeking time and money freedom to travel, but you don’t see how it can be achieved.
⭐️ You want to flourish in your business and give back to the community, but you lack confidence in your capabilities.
⭐️ You want financial independence to bring stability to your life, but money stresses you out, and you don’t know where to begin.

Are You:
😊 done living in auto-pilot and survival mode and want to begin flourishing in life?
😊 done being a people pleaser and want to begin re-connecting with your authentic self?
😊 done self-sabotaging and want to begin being successful in your endeavours?
😊 done hiding and want to begin speaking your truth to yourself and others so that you can create the life you desire?

If you answered ‘YES’, I invite you to join my Tribe, where we have open discussions with like-minded individuals who want to create new paths.

You must be wondering: It sounds lovely, but HOW is it done?
💜 Through openness to changing your perspective and exploring alternative possibilities ahead of you toward your desired freedom lifestyle.
💜 Through increased awareness of your external and internal environment.
💜 By bringing back belief, faith, and trust in yourself.
💜 By gaining clarity, courage, and confidence in deciding to pursue the life you deserve and desire.
💜 By uplifting your vibration to attract positive things in your life.
💜 By practicing vulnerability.


Tribe Host: Reshma Bhojwani

Reshma Bhojwani is the founder of Flourish with Freedom which came to her as a universal download to empower women to live the fulfilled life they deserve and desire on their terms.
After being in the corporate world for 20+ years and being laid off several times, Reshma decided to put herself first and not return to the corporate world.
She also decided to leave her unhappy, abusive marriage and take control of her future by pursuing her dream of becoming a whole-hearted entrepreneur, an author, and a world traveler.

Today she is a Women’s Empowerment Guide and author of ‘Pandemic Budgeting & Finances’.
She has developed online financial self-paced courses, conducts live workshops, and offers individual coaching programs.
Reshma also hosts two Meetup events, ‘The Vulnerable You’ and ‘Fulfillment Within You’.

Reshma Bhojwani


Reshma Bhojwani