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Finding Me: Coming Home to Your Own Divinity

Finding Me: Coming Home to Your Own Divinity

⭐️ Are You in Search of Your True Self?

⭐️ Are you searching for your purpose?
⭐️ Do you wonder how you can make sense of who you are in your life?
⭐️ Maybe you just want to know how you can best journey through life with more grace, ease and flow?
That’s what this Tribe will be focused on.

We’ll have deep conversations that will help you find yourself and your best path forward in life.
Finding yourself can be accomplished through the process of coming home to your own Divinity.
We’ll be sharing how to do this through meditation, oracle cards, conversation and journal prompts
that are designed to spark inspiration during and after the meetings.

Finding Me: Coming Home To Your Own Divinity


TRIBE HOSTS: Josette Diaz and Lisa DePamphilis

Josette Diaz is a Guide and Champion for women rediscovering themselves.
She teaches Self Mastery through slowing down, listening deeply and connecting within.
Most importantly, she guides women to learn how to access their own rhythm.

Lisa DePamphilis helps women come home to their truth, step into their infinite power
& activate their SuperHuman manifesting abilities.
As they embody their signature frequency, they open pathways, shift timelines
and shine the light on their highest possibilities.


Josette Diaz


Josette Diaz

Other Host

Lisa DePamphilis
Lisa DePamphilis

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