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Embodied Women’s Circle

Embodied Women’s Circle

Hello Beautiful!
You are at the right space if you are looking to reclaim your divine sensuality, step into your inner power and boldly experience the divine sensations the world offers.

You might feel that you lost touch with your inner wisdom which caused you moments of hopelessness, feeling powerless and somehow you know deep down that there is more into life.
Wouldn’t that be amazing to feel self-connected, confident and stepping up into your sensuality?

“I truly believe that a woman’s superpower lies in her sensuality and it can change the world.”

My intention is to create a safe space for women to chat, experience meditation, light language healing as well as, movement/dance all whilst building community to motivate and lift each other up.
The biggest joy of life is to be truly self, acknowledging our feminine gifts of wisdom and living from the source of our own sensuality that we were born with.

It is my soul purpose and passion to guide women to remember to own their sensual essence and step into their inner power through the embodiment of sensual living.

The journey begins with self-connection, loving self, embracing the presence and listening to the wisdom of the body.

I use my intuitive guidance, mindfulness practices and light language healing to support you to be the radiating woman you were born to be.

I will be looking forward to connecting with you all.
Come and join us.

With love,


TRIBE HOST: Adela Zemanova

Intuitively guided and connected with love and light, Adela shines with a radiance of empowered feminine energy, which is both her strength and her passion. Encouraging you to reconnect and reawaken your own feminine energy through movement classes to align you with the sensuality and power of the divine feminine.

At times wild and joyful, her classes have been described as the awakening of the goddess within. Adela also creates a range of hand-made exclusive lingerie together with a pack of daily personal power cards. Her work brings us to the very core of feminine energy and all its strengths; wild, open, expansive, sensual, empowered, joyful.

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