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Circle of Friends – Women Touched By Cancer

Circle of Friends – Women Touched By Cancer

For women of all ages & backgrounds, that have or are touched by Cancer, also open to all their beautiful carers.
Cancer hits you hard, smack like walking into a brick wall. It hurts on the inner & outer.
It tends to rule your life. Constantly waiting for appointments, tests, results. Fear, anger, hate you name sets in, emotions go off the wall. Lots of dark times. It totally sux with a capital “F!!!!”. It’s so hard to think clearly let alone make a decision that effects your life! Forget smiles & positivity!!!

Circle of Friends came about during my first Breast Cancer journey.
I was so blissed to have my sister, whom also was on her own Cancer journey to speak & share my thoughts, emotions, & questions. I also had plenty of support from the Breast care nurses, doctors, counsellors, family & friends & FB groups.
But I found it hard to speak my truth, nor show my true emotions.
I know they mean well & their heart is in the right place, but they don’t know how it really is.
I didn’t want to upset them & they didn’t know what to say… boy did I get sick of you’re so strong as they had no idea how weak I was on the inside.

After one mornings meditation, my intuition, my guardian angel sent me a message & I listened….
Build a safe non-judgmental, nurturing & confidential space where women on their Cancer journey can build lifelong relationships with other beautiful souls, share good & bad experiences, gain support, allow emotions to flow, grow & heal on the inner & outer.
Yes, the big “C” does change lives, & yes there will be a new norm but you don’t have to just settle for that new norm…
In this Tribe you will have the opportunity to connect & help one another on continuous roller coaster journey.
You will find support to help you with your decisions & choices heading forward. Knowledge is gold & support is love.

Everyone’s journey & path is different, but the lessons we learn along the way, can be shared amongst us to help enlighten one another’s path.
My passion is to share this Tribe with many women, a space where together we can feel OUR normal not just settle for new norm.
Most importantly a space to:
💜feel safe & loved
💜allow vulnerability
💜be comfortable to ask for help
💜speak your truth.

This Tribe meets online monthly: –
🌟Chats on specific topic’s – or on whatever you’d like to talk about
🌟Guided Meditations & Breath work & Simple gentle Yoga
🌟Guest speakers & guest healing sessions

You will also gain access to “Circle of Friends” private FB group, which has regular posts to uplift you & is a sacred space to keep in touch & reach out to one another – guides full of useful information, video recordings of Yoga, Guided Meditations, Breath work, Self-Care worksheets & more. Also access to my personal “Breast Cancer Again” podcast .
I’d love to welcome you to join our Tribe – a space to just be YOU….. As YOU are today….xxxx


TRIBE HOST: Toni-Lee Challice

I am a 61-year young Mother, partner, daughter, friend, Yoga teacher, Spiritual individual, Life Coach & loving spiritual soul. I have begun on my Reiki master journey, am very creative – love to crochet, create & design Journals, affirmation cards & digital designing- love it… I do guided meditations, teach yoga online & live, Breath work & lots of grounding work. I am so blessed to have a beautiful energy filled Studio, surrounded by tree, birds, water and grass right in my own backyard – “Dragonfly’s Den” my sanctuary. A space to heal, share & receive energy, relax, create & just be. I had & now have Breast Cancer back again… March 2022, I am still in recovery from bilateral mastectomy & reconstruction, just waiting on treatment plan.

Playing the waiting game to find out what lies ahead. Lots of decisions & choices to be made. But I have made one big decision & that is to use this time to build & grow my inner & outer strength – Body Mind & Spirit. I share this in my Pod Cast – Yes, my life has changed, but it has also taught me lots of things, see I now no longer hide the true me, I speak my truth, I love me & I take care of me, I see & feel things very differently & through my heart & eyes. My passion is to share as much of me as my soul allows. I’d love to also help you to “Feel Good Within” & to know that You are not alone. To help You learn to trust & accept help from Yourself & Others, to allow You to shine from within & to BE YOU! Xxx

Toni-Lee Challice


Toni-Lee Challice
Toni-Lee Challice


Toni-Lee Challice

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