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CENTERED STATE – mindfulness meditation practice for self-empowerment.

CENTERED STATE – mindfulness meditation practice for self-empowerment.

Designed to tap into the core of the True Self and unleashes your inner power.
Practice Mindfulness daily and learn how to cope wisely with stressful situations, and conflicts,
deal with emotions, struggles, self-doubts, lack of self-confidence, have a voice, and embody the courage to be yourself again.

Centered State of Consciousness – Mindfulness Meditation Practice,
developed by Eva May, with over 25 years of professional experience,
is designed to activate Your True Essence, your Charismatic Self – the best version of yourself.
It means unleashing your full potential, all your talents, skills, and gifts.

This mindfulness practice is based on mindful breathing, mindful thinking, mindful feeling,
creative visualizations, and invocations… which leads you to master genuine skills to manifest your dreams, goals, and desires.
It also creates a shield of protection powered by strong boundaries of your personal energy field,
which can protect you against any toxic energies, people, or influences of any kind,
and triggers respect and appreciation towards yourself.

Centered State of Consciousness – Mindfulness Practice is helping you to:
⭐️ silence the mind,
⭐️ shift emotional state into a positive one,
⭐️ relax the body,
⭐️ lift energy level tap into the Central Sun – the light within,
⭐️ expand the field of every-possibilities,
⭐️ create strong boundaries,
⭐️ heal emotional wounds,
⭐️ tap into the heart’s wisdom,
⭐️ raise self-esteem,
⭐️ develop self-confidence,
⭐️ unleash inner power,
⭐️ gain courage and strength
⭐️ activate the inner compass – intuition,
⭐️ start shining with happiness and joy,
⭐️ connect with other’s people hearts,
⭐️ let go,
⭐️ feel safe,
⭐️ manifest,
⭐️ be guided by the Higher Self.



I came from Poland to live in Australia permanently in 2006. For more than 28 years I work in the field of healing, and spirituality, as a professional NLP/LFT life coach, hypnotherapist, and mindfulness meditation teacher, transforming people’s lives for the better, I’ve gained vast knowledge and experience over those years. It was only a matter of time for me to establish the original modality of LFT Life Field Therapy, acknowledged and registered by IICT.

My passion is to empower women to become strong and be themselves again. I was born as a very sensitive and shy girl but blessed with a GIFT of understanding people’s needs and emotions, with healing hands, a healing voice, and the ability to feel and heal other’s people pain and perform intuitive compassionate channeling.

I love to explore how the human mind and subconscious work, how healing energy works, what is a personal hologram of life, and what to do to embody a divine light within into physical existence and to live everyday life as an expression of the Higher Self. I am fascinated by the fabrics of the Divine Matrix and experimenting with the law of Manifestation. People all over the world love my “healing voice”, so I run those guided mediations classes and tribes. Have created hundreds of audio and video recordings for my YouTube channel. So, here I am…for you.

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