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Astrology for Guidance

Astrology for Guidance

Astrology is an ancient practice that was often used for timing and prediction.
In modern days, we can still tap into the cosmic cycles for timing purposes, but we also use the birth chart to gain understanding and self-empowerment. Our birth chart is our map of life, showing us our strengths, the lessons we need to learn and how to navigate the journey. We can explore the planets, the signs of the zodiac in which they fall, the houses they sit in and the connections they make with each other.
This is the basis for exploring our own personality.

The planets, however, are ever moving and therefore impacting our lives from afar. As above, so below. By exploring how the planets are impacting our own birth chart can give us guidance during particular periods in our life, when certain themes come to light.

We use the dance between the Sun and Moon for manifesting and clearing. We can use Moon rituals for self-care and nurturing. The twelve zodiac seasons highlight a yin and yang dance, where we move through a pattern of an inner and outward focus.
Retrograde cycles and the changing of signs also herald in change.

During 2022, we have been exploring the twelve houses of the birth chart – one each month. We take a look at what each one means, if you have any planets in a particular house and the sign on the cusp. In 2023, we will be exploring the twelve signs – again, one each month. We also chat about the New and Full Moons occurring in the month and what the energy might bring for us.

It doesn’t matter if you miss a meeting, as these sessions are recorded and available to watch after the event. Our live chat on telegram keeps the group connected, where you can post questions and chat with others.

If you’re looking for solutions and need a little guidance in your life, this tribe is for you. Come along and form connections with like-minded souls who are on a journey of self-exploration. (No prior astrological knowledge is necessary in order to join).


Kim has been teaching and consulting astrology for over 20 years and loves to help women connect with their true essence, which allows them the freedom to be themselves.
The gift Kim can offer you is perceptive insight.
Kim Tennant


Kim Tennant

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