After Life

After Life

What happens to us after we die?
What happens to those left behind?
Do we see our beloveds after they have transitioned?
Do they see us? Do we feel them?
Have you had a near death experience?

Do you wonder about the after life?
Do you wonder what will happen to the you who is returning to the place from which you came?

Death is the natural progression of Life.
This discussion is for those willing to plan for or consider their own end of life.
Give peace of mind to loved ones by sharing your wishes.
Like a birth, we plan for what we want, which isn’t always what we get; but it sure helps.
This meeting is open for both Women and Men members.


HOST: Ruth Boydell

Ruth had been working in Adult Education for 30 years, until an extreme stress event, Transient Global Amnesia, hit her in February 2017.
It changed her life focus in helping her recognise herself as a mortal being.
She has since felt called to work in this end-of-life area to encourage death literacy and to support others.
She realised we humans are in transit, and it might just be a beautiful journey.

Ruth is curious and compassionate.
She has been trained as a pastoral care practitioner (non-religious).
Providing reassurance and guidance to those who seek it.
She also sings and co-ordinators the Threshold Choir in Newcastle, Australia.

Ruth Boydell


Ruth Boydell

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