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Pandora’s Moon

Astrology for Freedom

Pandora’s Moon

Pandora’s Moon was created as a way to share my passion for astrology with the world. Astrology can give you tolerance and acceptance of others that you might not otherwise have. This ancient practice can connect you with your true essence, which allows you the freedom to be yourself. From personalised consultations, children’s charts, monthly membership offers, workshops, courses (both online & face-to-face) and Moon oils; this business covers a broad range of all things astrology.


Kim Tennant

Hi. My name is Kim and I am an astrologer, nurse, wife and mother of two adult children. I am a lover of the moon and the stars and all things cosmic. I believe that life can be magical. I have the Sun in Sagittarius, which makes me a bit of a hippie at heart. I use essential oils, tarot, colour therapy, yoga, good nutrition and of course, astrology, to keep my own life in balance. My Sag Sun also gives me a love of teaching. I love to share my knowledge with anyone on a journey of self-discovery. The gift I can offer you is perceptive insight.