Conscious Law Of Attraction

YOU ARE NOT BROKEN...Because success is not personal, it's structural.

Conscious Law Of Attraction


Have you read all the self help books, done years of therapy, tried many different modalities of healing or just spent years working on fixing or improving yourself?
Have you found that no matter how hard you try you can’t get out of your own way?
Do you have all of the knowledge of what to do but just can’t seem to implement what you know?
Does it always feel like you are pushing a boulder up a mountain only to have it keep rolling back down again and again? It is so frustrating!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.
You can be exactly who you are AND create anything you desire because success is not personal it is structural.



About Jenn Rosner

Jenn became a Conscious Law Of Attraction Coach/Trainer because she knows what it feels like to be broken. She knows what it fees like to be afraid, living in the shadows and hiding instead of living.
She knows first hand the exhaustion and mental chaos that comes from being constantly at war with yourself.
She knows what it’s like to spend decades searching, hoping and praying to find the “ONE THING” that would finally allow life to be easy. She knows what it’s like to do everything from therapy, energy work, belief clearing self-improvement books, courses, schooling, and after all of that STILL believe that something is fundamentally wrong with you. What finally freed her was studying the Magnetic Mind Method and understanding that success isn’t personal, it.’s structural. she realized that it wasn’t her.
Now her mission is to help others let go of the limitations, ideas, and beliefs that are holding them back from reaching their fullest potential and becoming the best version of themselves.

She offer both group and individual sessions, a self paced masterclass, and for the art connoisseur she creates meditative spiritual art.



🌟 Certified Massage Therapist – 2012
🌟 Certified Magnetic Mind Coach – 2020
🌟 Trained in Reiki,
🌟 Theta Healing,
🌟 Chakra Balancing,
🌟 Subconscious Belief Work,
🌟 Energy Healing,
🌟 Guided Meditation



I worked with Jenn once a week for about 2 months. Here’s my experience. In each session, I felt profound changes especially in my body which is still catching up. Jenn is very proficient in her work, by asking the right questions, she was able to bring my awareness to my highest true identity. She then with my permission, connects and ask my superconscious to establish the changes I have chosen and to realign my conscious self with my best and highest self. After working with Jenn, I feel more empowered and at ease in creating the life I choose. It’s almost as if I’m remembering from within.
My countenance, energy and my environment feel peaceful. I feel light and free to move forward in achieving my goals with ease.

-Cathrine Oji