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Be Your True Self

Your Education of Self is your power and protection, your lights gets stronger when you listen to your intuition, you are the Master of Your Light

Be Your True Self


Welcome to Be Your True Self, a place where you are safe to explore your inner world without fear and judgment. A journey that takes commitment and determination. With Katerina’s guidance, you will learn to raise your understanding about what will give you a positive life, one that will bring you love and support. Katerina gives you a safe place to re-discover your connections to your higher Selves and Spiritual Guidance.

Her Intuitive nature takes you on a journey into your own inter-dimensional energy field where you are assisted in discovering your own intuitive mastery. You will establish a profound relationship with your higher selves which will bring you clarity and a feeling of greater purpose to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. You will leave her feeling lighter, brighter, and with the courage to stand in your own power of understanding.

Katerina gives you a place where you can establish a deep understanding of your emotional and mental state of being. Helping everyday people resolve any issues that may be holding them back at this time so they can thrive in life. Giving you the opportunity to discover what you can achieve and how you can raise your understanding of self and how this creates a ripple effect on everyone around you.

Be your True Self is about discovering your self-worth and self-love so you can find that deep meaning about yourself and how it fits into your version of self. Your Evolutionary Growth of Self is about having the courage to go down your “rabbit Holes” where you will find your hidden treasures that will bring you into your grandest light of knowledge and wisdom.
Be Your True self is about helping intuitive healers, coaches, and readers to clear their energy, so their blockages and negative attachments can be removed and do not compromise their client’s well-being and safety.

In everything we do we need to maintain our energetic signature to ensure we have a clear, clean, and direct connection to our universal life energy. Not everything is love and light and when you are able to become your own best friend, your magic begins to manifest. We are here to embrace all parts of ourselves to understand that we are the creators of our lives. We are helping you to establish a balance between your light and shadow so you can feel how your invisible world is just waiting to help you create a beautiful life of understanding.
There are many aspects of what Katerina can offer you.

It is really all about her ability to meet you where you at, at the moment you sit with her, and together you will unravel and create something beautiful to help you move forward with ease and grace. Your knowledge of self and how you use it in everyday life is your self-empowerment.



Katerina Lenarcic is an Evolutionary Life Coach, Quantum Healer, and Transformational Leader who connects you to your Universal Light Energy. She is a Crystal Light Bed and Reiki Practitioner and Energy worker. Her knowledge and connections to the Universe will assist you in discovering your unique connections. Her mission is to assist in the ascension and lifting of the vibration of this planet and humanity.

She is a Co-Author of two #1 international bestsellers Collaboration: Visionaries share a new way of living (2021), in which she shares her journey of connecting with her Higher Self. Intuitive Living: A practical guide for women who want to deeply trust themselves (2022) – Hille House Publishing. Katerina uses her skills as a Reiki Master, Light Language Specialist, and Crystal Light Bed practitioner with Sound and Frequency to connect her clients with their universal life energy.

With her Life Coaching skills and her understanding of the human journey, she can help you to integrate all your awareness into your everyday life. Her knowledge and connections to the Universe will assist you in discovering your connection of love and support. She understands that our emotional and mental state of being is an important part of our spiritual journey and for her to love her humanity which is the vehicle for her higher self.

The journey of her evolutionary growth of self started 28 years ago when she had chosen to be mentored by her celestial family. This journey has taken her into the depths of her soul where she has learned to unravel as much density as possible from her life to merge into her grandest light, her higher self. She was mentored to consciously communicate with her higher self with the understanding of what the universe has to offer and how it has helped her to gain wisdom and knowledge.

The important aspect of all this is that Katerina has learned how to love herself, how to validate her abilities, and how to move forward with much ease and grace and understand that she can be the creator of her life. She was mentored to learn to also love her shadow, which has also been such a valuable tool in learning more about herself. She continues with her universal life connections to assist her in her journey of understanding and clarity. She is always seeking out the best version of herself so she can manifest the tools that guide her as the master of her own light. She is mentored in loving her human experience and now can offer these tools to humanity.